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I am a certified rehabilitation counselor, and a certified vocational evaluation specialist. I have consulted with state and federal agencies over the last thirty years, completing approximately 25,000 vocational evaluations. Specifically, I review cases, and make recommendations for employment or training options. I help individuals identify vocational aptitudes and interests and identify job related goals. I also help legal teams to determine lost earnings capacity and projected income losses.



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I am available to law professionals as a consultant on loss of earnings and vocational outlooks for injured individuals. 

I also provide advice to individuals seeking to pursue a career as to career requirements and Availability.


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I have worked as a private consultant and rehabilitation adviser for more that 30 years serving approximately 25,000 individuals with disabilities.



" I’ve worked with Dr. Carter on several cases and highly recommend him.

Joseph R. Morrison Attorney: Mullen & Mullen Law Firm



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For Individuals = Employment Match and Recommendation Report: for disabled and nondisabled individual. $75/

For Attorneys = Vocational Evaluation based on medical data, vocational history, and educational history, includes employability and loss of earnings assessment.       $750/

                       = Deposition or Trial. $750 flat rate plus transportation at $1 per mile.